Diary of a Fetish Porn Star – Maxine X

0009Diary of a Fetish Porn Star – Maxine X

Blog #1 – Introduction

Adult Performer, Owner of her own Adult Store & Official CalExotics Sexpert (Adult Toy Blogger)

Hi, I’m Maxine X I am now an Official CalExotics Sexpert!  I will be reviewing Adult Toys & Blogging about them as well as all my other fun sexy things to talk about!

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have been an adult performer & fetish model for the last 10 years.  I was in the hit TV show, “Webdreams” Season 3.  My husband and I own our own Adult Production Company, “Maxine X Productions, Inc.”.  We also have our own Adult Toy Line, “Maxine X Rox” and I have been a performer with top porn companies such as Brazzers, Elegant Angel, Reality Kings and more.

Being in the Adult Industry and owning and owning a boutique, (Maxine’s Adult Playground located at 323 Ouellette Av., Windsor, Canada) many people ask me a lot of the same questions.

Now, don’t worry, feel bad or embarrassed, I’m letting you know that you are not alone.  I love to answer people’s questions and to educate where I can. If I don’t know the answer I will try to find out. That is one of the main reasons I have started this blog, to help others and encourage more people to learn about sex, health, adult toys, relationships and more!

I must confess, I rely quite a bit on my own experiences, observations and research.  However, I do have a secret weapon, my husband Scott Rhodes, he is the “real” Sexpert.  He graduated from the University of Toronto where he studied Human Sexuality, Psychology and more.  His academic
knowledge and life experience has taught me so much about myself, life and sex.  Although he prefers to be Pornographer and adult performer, I know if I have a real question he will be the one to assist me.

So, I hope you enjoy Maxine’s Adult Playground and Blog and that you are left with a positive outlook on sex and learn more about yourself and your partner.

“Get Your Sexy On!”
Maxine X

* Please Feel Free to Ask Questions, Comment and Share this Blog.

Adult Website: www.MaxineX.com
Adult Store: www.MaxinesAdultPlayground.com
Online Store: http://www.sextoyfun.com/?a=maxines-sex-toys
CalExotics: www.ClubCalExotics.com




  • David says:

    I would like to know how I might could enter into the porn business. I’m a feed looking male in my late 30′s, I’m bi and very versatile and willing to make any type of film. Could you please forward me some info so I can get started as a serious porn actor. I appreciate your time and consideration

    Thank you Pretty Maxine:-)

  • David says:

    Hi Maxine, I love your store you have so many fun things to buy there. Thankx for your previous replyI am in a difficult time in my life now. Ive been repressing thoughts and feelings for many years now. Im a man however I feel like I want to be female? I feel weird like I dont fit into life, I have a toy I bought from your store not to long ago it feels so good inside meI desparatly want the real thing now and more than one at a time, whats wrong with me? I bought some clothes online but they dont fit, A total waste of $60. I feel like some closet freak, oldman perv. Did you ever have more than one guy cum in your mouth? Did you enjoy it? What was it like?

    Thanx for your time Maxine I know your busy trying to run a business
    Hope you have a great day(:

  • Rsld says:

    Fun blog to read. Look forward to more foot fetish products and even movies geared towards them. Do you get comments a lot on your feet?

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